What is the benefit of using a mortgage broker?

You will receive expert advice from someone who works in the industry that you are looking to purchase in. And in addition, the mortgage broker is knowledgeable about many lenders, not just their own institution which is the case if you talk to lenders directly.

Importantly, a mortgage broker will save you time and most likely money. You’ll find that after the initial consultation, Martyn Williams and his team will already have a good idea of a selection of home loans that will suit you. This is because a mortgage broker works in the industry and keeps on top of the latest products and offerings from the lenders.

In addition, a mortgage broker also knows the most competitive products on the market. This means they don’t have to spend hours researching on the internet to find the “cheapest interest rate” (and also not knowing if they may have missed one or two lenders).

What fees does a mortgage broker charge?

We get paid a commission from the lender when a loan is approved and settlement has taken place. In other words, a lender will pay us for selling their product. This is why we don’t need to charge you, our client.

Why should I use your company – Mortgage Broker North Shore?

Martyn and his team are committed to delivering individualised solutions, not one-size-fits-all solutions. They will listen carefully to your requirements, and work with you all the way to achieve your goals.

Martyn is passionate about property, investing and finance, has a Bachelor of Commerce and corporate accounting experience – there is no questioning Martyn’s qualifications and expertise.

Your interests and needs are our number 1 priority, today and tomorrow. Check out our testimonials to see how others have viewed their experiences.

When can I meet with Martyn?

Martyn and his team are available inside and outside office hours and can meet at your place, the coffee shop or the pub. Call now on (02) 9132 4300 to make an appointment or use one of the methods on our Contact Us page to get in touch.

Can you tell me how much I will be able to borrow?

Yes, most definitely. We can easily give you an indication of your borrowing capacity. We will need to get some information from you first then we will be able to calculate how much you can borrow. For information on what to provide us to help you please see our Pre-Approval Information page.

What types of loans do you offer?

Our access to a large range of lenders gives us access to pretty much any type of loan on the market today. In fact, by using our service we can offer you more options than a bank.

Types of loans include;

  • Residential home loans
  • Fixed, variable and split interest rate loans
  • Principle and interest loans
  • Interest only loans
  • Construction loans
  • Investment property loans
  • Business & commercial loans.

How long does it take to be approved for a home loan?

Application processes vary depending on circumstances. In most situations it takes 2 to 7 days.

What do I need to do to apply for a home loan?

Very little – our service includes carrying out most of the application process for you. We will need you to provide us with supporting documentation such as payslips, bank statements, etc. but the rest we do for you.

Can you help with the first home buyers grant?

Yes absolutely. We can check on your eligibility for the first home buyers grant and calculate how it can help you with your borrowing capacity. We’ll then explain this to you and show you how it helps you to get the home of your dreams.

Note that the conditions of the first home buyers grant differ from state to state around the country. It is also a one time grant and if you have owned property in past the grant is not available for you.

Contact us if you would like to check your eligibility.